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Generators Fogo

FOGO generators are manufactured in the factory FOGO in a polish town Swieciechowa near Leszno. The factory is equipped by a robotic assembly line, which enables quick and high quality manufacturing. During 2012 more than 10 000 portable generators and more than 2000 fixed uninterruptible power supplies were produced.



The company was founded in 2001 and it deals with marketing, service and installations of UPS and MTG

Automatization and remote control / comunication with UPS via latest control systems

  • Marketing and technical support of switchboards ATS, switching between mains connection and backup power supply.
  • Programming of control systems for control and monitoring backup power supplies.
  • Full service of all brands’ motors used in industry in backup supplies MTG and power generators.
  • Marketing of spare parts for UPS, MTG, switchboards ATS and full service of generators.
  • Our main task is the quality, reliability, communication and guaranteed price for our services.


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  • Our company arranges a complete delivery and realization of uninterruptible power supplies of diesel-generators and UPS for its customers.
  • Warranty, post warranty service and regular prophylactic inspections. Technical support and marketing of spare parts.
  • Advisory work about backup, suggestions of solutions, repairs of both electrical and motor parts of backup power supplies.
  • Marketing and service of portable generators. Arranging spare parts. We only repair brand goods from renowned manufacturers of portable generators. We only provide brand spare parts for devices mentioned above.
  • In the region of the Czech Republic, the transport of repaired portable generators is for free for our customers.