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Generators Fogo

FOGO generators are manufactured in the factory FOGO in a polish town Swieciechowa near Leszno. The factory is equipped by a robotic assembly line, which enables quick and high quality manufacturing. During 2012 more than 10 000 portable generators and more than 2000 fixed uninterruptible power supplies were produced.

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Instalation and service of backup power supplies MTG-UPS, hospitals, shopping centres and their network of shops

Backup distributions, assembly and service of MTG – UPS in shop floors Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Vyškov.

Instalation of motorgenerators and procuring of readiness for operation, one year service.

Power saving building and centres, hospitals, fire brigade HZS ČR, ambulance service of the Czech Republic.

Controlling and supervisory systems and automatization of backup power supplies.

Controlling systems for remote controls and monitoring of motorgenerators.