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Generators Fogo

FOGO generators are manufactured in the factory FOGO in a polish town Swieciechowa near Leszno. The factory is equipped by a robotic assembly line, which enables quick and high quality manufacturing. During 2012 more than 10 000 portable generators and more than 2000 fixed uninterruptible power supplies were produced.


Agutechnics provides a full warranty and post warranty service in the area of backup power supplies and their accessories.

Sale of spare parts for backup power supplies provided by us. For the products we didn’t supply, we provide service and delivery of spare parts after an agreement with the customer.
We provide regular prophylactic inspections, technical checx, revisions and service.

We provide preliminary projects and project documentations for the ralization of deliveries of the turnkey products.


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Service of generators



Generator flywheel clutch check Oil volume and quality check (refilling)
Voltage regulator check Antifreeze volume and quality check in the radiator (refilling)
Tightening of screws, joint check V-belt tension check
Power parts check Air filters check
Cable check Fuel filters check
Generator operation factors check Turbocharger pressure lubrication check
Ventilation grills cleanup/td>

Ground connection and wiring check
Ventilation grills check Starter check
Silentblocx check Speed controller check
Vibration check Injection pump check
Cooling air throughput check Fuel line leak-tightness check


Oil pipe leak-tightness check
Completeness and damage check Cooling tightness check
System voltage feed check Evironmental sink tightness check
Installed software check Charging alternator check
Modes performance check Sensors and detectors check
Accumulators external feeding check Fuel feed pump check
Monitoring system check Engine preheat check
Emergency and measuring sensors check Cooling pump check, lubrication
Preheating circuits check Oil pump check
The remote control system power fields check Accumulator check (topping up, contact greasing)
Measuring instruments and measuring transformers check Exhaust pipe line tightness check
Cable connections and terminal boxes check Exhaust pipe line insulation integrity check
Power switch elements (ATS)control check Noisiness and vibration check
DA power fields check External fuel tank control check
Standby power supply power fields check External fuel tank tightness check and ecological sump check
Processor control unit operation factors check External fuel tank signalling check
Power parts check External fuel tank desludging
Tightening of screws, joint check Fuel tank desludging
Intactness of cable insulation check
Moving and stationary parts ground connection check