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Generators Fogo

FOGO generators are manufactured in the factory FOGO in a polish town Swieciechowa near Leszno. The factory is equipped by a robotic assembly line, which enables quick and high quality manufacturing. During 2012 more than 10 000 portable generators and more than 2000 fixed uninterruptible power supplies were produced.

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FOGO is the leading european manufacturer of dieselgenrators. The generators are produced in a factory equipped by a robotic assembly line, which enables quick and high quality manufacturing. During 2012 more than 10 000 portable generators and more than 2000 stationary uninterruptible power supplies were produced.
Each FOGO generator is tested before it leaves the factory. That is the only way to guarantee top quality products.

Fogo Presents Now Series of Generators.

The new project is a response of our team’s technicians to customers demand. E – series Fogo units offer to potential customers several various conveniences: Indoor unit is steady and environmentally friendly, resistant to the leak of fuel and motor liquids. A grat attention is paid to the design of the unit. Because of the compact lay-out, the unit doesn’t need a large foundation and the transport is quite economical. The outside fuel tank screw-top enables to tank up without opening the unit.

This function has many positives:

Filling the unit during operation, cleansing inside the cover, covered access to tank screw-top. The cover has an anticorrosive coating A1Zn. The colour is neutral. Fogo can provide any colour according to RAL specifications.

Soon there will also be Eseries units with engines:

  • Mitsubishi 10 30 kVA ,
  • Iveco 130 200 kVA ,
  • Volvo 80-150 kVA


stažený soubor (3) Beware!! Cheaters keep selling fake FOGO machines!

These products differs from the genuine ones in design, components of unknown origin, but above all, in operating
safety and the quality. Fakes come mostly from China and they differs from the originals in:

  • By using graphitic red colour
  • By placing the company logo label
  • By marking a particular model as „FH7001″.

This type of a generator has nothing in common with original products Fogo.


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  • The Schrack Technik company was established in the early 90s. The forerunner was Schrack AG, that went down in history of industry in the last century.
  • In 1914 Dr. Eduard Schrack invented an optical stereometrical system for topografical surveying. In 1918 he developed the first Austrian manufactured vacuum tube. 50 years ago, probably the first circuit-breaker in the modul house building in the world emerged. A little later, the first current protective switch in Europe emerged.
  • The Schrack AG company was founded in 1920 and was active in area of development, production and marketing of telephonic systems, radio devices, safty switches and fire detectors. The company grew up in a strong technological firm, that created a strong trademark thanx to its system solutions.
  • In the early 90s the massive range of products extention was started and the first steps to expansion in the eastern Europe were made. By the end 2002 the Schrack company took over and completely integrated the Highspeed Cabling group.
  • Continuous development of our devices brings top-class products. A modern installation or electric power distribution would be unthinkable without these products.
  • The Schrack Technik group is a top expert in an area of key technolgies. It specializes in products and technical solution in area of the power and data network systems and distributions. The concern, that has a seat in Austria, has a network of subsidiary companies on markets in the central Europe
  • Except for Austria the concern Schrack Technik has subsidiary companies in other 11 countries. The region of the central Europe is defintely a strategic place for company’s activities. In other 40 countries Schrack Technik is represented by partner companies.


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